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womensauna's Journal

Women only sauna
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Information updates about women-only saunas.

Welcome and have fun with the community and the sauna!

An unofficial community which has been started mainly for the Steamy! women-only saunas based in Brighton, but if any members have information on other women's saunas or woman-friendly saunas, please feel free to post.

Comments or posts from the organisers will be described as such - i'm not one of them!

Any queries or discussions regarding saunas and related issues are welcome.

This community is mainly for lesbian or bisexual women, so obviously no queer bashing will be tolerated. Also no creepy pervyness from random men, as this will be deleted and the individual concerned will be expunged from the community.

This should be a low-traffic news community, so please add and get the news when it happens.