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For your information...

♥♥♥ STEAMY! ♥♥♥

Brighton’s women-only sauna night

The Amsterdam
Friday 28th October 10pm-5am 2005

Friday 10th February 10pm-5am 2006

Tickets for October: £10 in advance, £12.00 on night on the door.

Tickets will be again be on sale at the Marlborough, in October, and from Anne.

Cruising for women, spread the word. For more info email:
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I'm love to go but it's so far away me! Humm need to think about it.
I may be able to ask around for crash space if you want.
gave out info to this at the Bi Women's group last night. Not sure if anyone wanted to go. Shall I put the info on the Bi Women's email group? 100+ members.

Yes please - and anywhere else you like
Hi, how can I pay in advance? I know I'd only save £2...
I live in London.
Yes, i expect so - just use the contact email that is on the "flyer"
From Cathi & Anne of Steamy!

Yep, aster is dead right. Drop us an email and we'll reserve you an advance ticket. £2 is £2! Love to see you there.